Tri Tax Franchise Offers Solutions for Independent Tax Preparers

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October 24, 2010 – Many independent tax preparers are feeling the sting as banks have limited or eliminated their access to bank products. Tri Tax Franchise offers a solution to these cutbacks and other struggles independent preparers face.

With banks such as Santa Barbara Bank & Truct (SBBT), Chase, Metabank and HSBC revealing that they have limited or eliminated their bank product offerings. A number of independent tax offices across the country have transitioned to a Tri Tax franchise. Why? Because Tri Tax not only helps franchisees provide bank products and other much-needed options to clients, but it delivers systems and structures that allow small business owners to compete with the big firms. (more…)

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Jump start a franchising story with new census data

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The Census Bureau is out with fresh and interesting data about franchise businesses in the United States. It’s well worth a look for localizing and as a reminder that the Census Bureau is a wealth of business and industry information.

Here’s the release from Tuesday; – among the interesting factoids, note that one in 10 U.S. businesses with paid employees is a franchise. They account for about eight million workers and nearly $2 trillion in payroll. That’s more than I would have guessed certainly makes the case for making local franchises – from the point of view of corporate, the franchisee, workers or customers – part of your routine coverage.


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It’s a good time to bring U.S. franchises north

Tony Wolson

Tony Wilson

I wrote the past two columns on international franchise expansion from cafés in Istanbul and Cairo. What better places to consider the worldwide expansion, through franchising and licensing, of well-known brands? The two cities are so unlike their counterparts in North America, you gain a new perspective on international business.

Now that I’ve returned to Canada, I want to talk about a country that’s the envy of the business world. It’s where you’re going to increasingly see expansion by U.S. and European brands, whether through franchising or by direct expansion. It has a strong and stable currency, a healthy banking sector, an educated population, and an abundance of natural resources craved by the world, especially oil. (more…)

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Day 1 of Running the Company: Sales Are Falling and Franchisees Are Ready to Mutiny

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Catherine Monson, CEO, FASTSIGNS

Catherine Monson, CEO, FASTSIGNS

By Catherine Monson, CEO, FASTSIGNS, Carrollton, Texas

When I became CEO of FASTSIGNS in January 2009, a sign franchise company of 530 locations that provides signage and graphics solutions to small and mid-sized businesses, I stepped into a challenging situation.

The beloved founder and chief executive had announced his retirement and the board of directors chose me, an outsider, to replace him. What’s more, they passed over the former CEO’s right-hand man and the company’s president, further alienating me from the company I was about to lead.

It gets worse: The company had experienced its first decline in same-store sales in the company’s history beginning in September 2008, five months before I joined, and the upcoming year was not looking great. In 2009, same store sales declined 17%. Our total network sales fell from $326 million in 2007 to $267 million in 2009. Many of our franchisees were beginning to lose confidence in corporate. They complained on online message boards set up to get franchise feedback that corporate employees were enjoying four-day work weeks and pay raises while they tightened their belts and worked harder every day. (more…)

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Going to the dogs: Ann Arbor area businesses that cater to pets are thriving

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Dog Day Care Business

Dog Day Care Business

While the economy may have gone to the dogs, local businesses that offer goods and services for man’s best friend have something to howl about.
Doggie day cares are expanding, self-serve dog washes are growing, there’s a push for holistic health care and organic dog food and local pet supply chains say they haven’t been hounded by the drop in sales that plague many other major retailers.
One Ann Arbor business even plans to offer a coffee bar for patrons waiting to wash their canine.
Revenues have doubled for Jon and Margaret Svoboda since they purchased Arbor Dog Daycare in 2006, and they hope to nearly triple their indoor space at their South Main Street location once the city and their landlord iron out some unrelated issues, they said.
They want to expand their 3,200-square-feet indoor space to more than 9,000 square feet, a move that will allow them to grow from caring for 25 dogs to 125 dogs at a time. (more…)
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Heidi Fleiss still bullish on pet-care business


Heidi Fleiss Buys Pet Business

Ex-madame then wannabe brothel owner Heidi Fleiss is trying once again to establish a dog-grooming and kennel business.

Doesn’t Fleiss live in Pahrump? And didn’t she already have problems with a dog-grooming business?
In October, Fleiss’ attempt to buy a dog-grooming business was foiled in court because the business was part of the unfinished divorce proceedings of its previous owner. But in an interview last week, Fleiss said the matter has been cleared up. She recently gained Paradise Town Board approval for a 2,000-square-foot business in a shopping center at Bermuda Road and Silverado Ranch Boulevard, in the southeast valley. She and her business partner, Jessica Skinner, will address the Clark County Planning Commission on Aug. 3.
She said her new business will be for grooming dogs and will include a state-of-the-art overnight boarding doghouse where owners will be able to log into their computers to gaze upon their beloved pets, whose image will be broadcast to them via webcams affixed to each dog cage.
Why is Fleiss turning to the dogs as a business?
Why does anyone go into business? Many people love animals more than people and are willing to pay handsomely to keep their pets happy. Fleiss is a businesswoman. She said she tuned to the business after attending a shareholders meeting for a major pet store. When she found out its annual revenue was in the billions, it floored her. (more…)
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RE/MAX to try selling houses from franchised offices inside Stop & Shop

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ReMax Franchise

ReMax Franchise Real Estate Office

Dreaming of that perfect dinner party but lack the space to host it, or a gourmet kitchen in which to prepare it?

One day soon, finding a real estate agent to help you house-shop may be as close as a Stop & Shop supermarket. While you’re there to grab some bread and a head of lettuce, you’ll be able to shop for a spacious colonial or renovated ranch, courtesy of the ‘micro offices’ real estate brokerage RE/MAX is installing in as many as 17 New England Stop & Shops, including one in Connecticut.
But don’t be in a hurry. RE/MAX admits it doesn’t expect lines at its supermarket offices right away. Indeed, some retail-marketing experts question the value to consumers in the Internet age.
“It’s not that people are thinking of going in for a quart of milk and coming out with a house,” said Jay Hummer, executive vice president of RE/MAX of New England. (more…)
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Commercial Cleaning Franchises: 10 Reasons to NOT Buy One

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I am a business broker and I have facilitated the sale of several commercial cleaning franchises and spoken to the owners of many more. I also have a commercial cleaning business. Every franchisee I have spoken to stated that if they could go back and go it again they would choose to not be a franchisee.

Let me start by saying that I do not necessarily have any problem with franchises. For budding business people franchises offer a structured and simple way to get into an industry. Usually franchises have an established brand identity and a training program. Franchisors are very good at selling franchises and typically have exciting brochures that describe the riches that will flow in once you get started. For some, franchises are the right way to go. (more…)

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Sylvan Learning Announces Chicago as Key Market in 2010 Expansion Plans; Plans More Than 14 New Cent

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Sylvan Learning Franchise

Sylvan Learning Franchise

Sylvan Learning, Inc., North America’s most recognized provider of supplemental education, announced today that Chicago, IL is a priority growth market in the company’s 2010 expansion plans. The company is seeking franchisees in the Chicago area to develop 14 new centers in the region. Within the past two years, Sylvan has sold 14 territories in the Chicago area.

Sylvan Learning has embarked on a national growth strategy that includes expanding in existing markets like Chicago while entering new cities throughout the country. As one of the country’s top 50 franchises, according to Entrepreneur magazine’s “Franchise 500 Ranking,” Sylvan Learning has identified 8 to 10 key U.S. cities for development this year and will seek new and existing franchisees to open new centers in territories within these priority markets. (more…)

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Stan Kramer moves to Portland to save his Qdoba grill franchises

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Qdoba franchise was performing poorly, now turned around

Stan Kramer, center, says his six Qdoba Mexican Grill outlets were doing poorly, so he moved from Denver to Portland to take personal charge. Even in a poor economy, sales increased 20 percent in 2009.

In the beginning, you could have taken what Stan Kramer knew about the restaurant business and rolled it up in one of his burritos.

He’d made good money in the Silicon Valley’s high-tech boom and was living the semi-retired life in Denver. His six Qdoba Mexican Grill franchises in Oregon were admittedly a “passing investment.”

But the restaurants were performing poorly. Kramer would jet out from Denver about once a quarter, and what he saw was an undistinguished collection of fast-food joints operated by dispirited crews.

“It was kind of rudderless ship,” Kramer says. “You could see it in their eyes.”

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