Automotive Franchise Revs Up Recruitment

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Automotive Franchise Revs Up Recruitment

Automotive Franchise Revs Up Recruitment

Ultragloss has signed premiere lead generation expert Franchise Clique as the automotive franchise’s lead generator as it begins a nationwide franchisee recruitment.

As Ultragloss’ lead generator, Franchise Clique will design a campaign designed to entice entrepreneurs destined to become Ultragloss franchisees.

“We’ll put to use our proprietary lead generation technology, knowledge of the franchising industry, and various advertising techniques to put Ultragloss in front of the right entrepreneurs,” says Franchise Clique’s Chief Executive Officer David Schwartz.

Unlike most other automotive franchises that claim to specialize in multiple car-related services, Ultragloss only specializes in cosmetic repairs. Without the distraction of other goods and services to sell, Ultragloss has focused on perfecting each aspect of its automotive appearance brand and developing technology to help its franchisees and customers.

“The majority of Ultragloss’ customers are dealerships looking to enhance a car’s appearance in order to make a sale,” explains David Schwartz. “In addition to perfecting one particular service, Ultragloss is a mobile franchise, so each franchisee can go to the dealership in need.”

As an added benefit, Ultragloss’ mobility allows for each franchisee to develop relationships with multiple car dealerships.

Ultragloss is currently seeking qualified franchisees across the U.S.



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