Brianna Ladapo Applauds Texas McDonald’s in Nutrition Transparency

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Brianna Ladapo Applauds Texas McDonald’s in Nutrition Transparency

Brianna Ladapo Applauds Texas McDonald’s in Nutrition Transparency

Nutrition has become a topic of focus for modern-day Americans, due in part to a better awareness of the value of healthy living. Despite the fact that some Americans are adopting more health-conscious lifestyles, fast food restaurants, like the highly successful McDonald’s, continue to thrive. However, a recent move by a Texas McDonald’s has improved nutrition transparency—something that Brianna Ladapo and other wellness experts applaud. reports that Jonathan Chan, the owner and operator of a McDonald’s restaurant, has installed an interactive, touch-screen kiosk to allow patrons to access nutrition information. Located in Richardson, Texas, this McDonald’s is the first to offer such a feature, which provides information about calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein, sodium, cholesterol, sugar, fiber, and more.

This innovative feature does more than simply inform customers of their nutrition intake. The kiosk allows patrons to put together balanced meals that target dietary needs. For example, individuals who are looking to reduce calories may be prompted to forgo a soda or skip a condiment. Brianna Ladapo and other dietary experts see this as a step in the right direction.

“Chan’s pioneering decision to help bring transparency to the often murky—and historically deceptive—waters of fast food nutrition will revolutionize the industry by providing customers with an intuitive, interactive technology that will heighten their awareness about the foods they choose to consume,” commented Brianna Ladapo. “I am encouraged to see this popular franchise helping to spearhead a much-needed paradigm shift toward healthier eating habits in the United States, and hope its efforts inspire other food establishments to embrace the same level of responsibility and spirit of public service.”

The public’s response to the kiosk has been equally positive. “At first, I was concerned about a negative response from customers; that the information may turn them away from ordering certain menu items,” stated Chan. “But there hasn’t been a negative effect at all. In fact, it’s been 100 percent positive, and at times has served as an opportunity to start a conversation with our customers.”

Brianna Ladapo hopes that other fast food franchise owners follow in Chan’s footsteps, creating higher transparency surrounding fast food nutrition.



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